Mar 13, 2018 · With her strong self-belief, striking dress sense and surprising knowledge, Mona Lisa Vito is a ...Duration: 2:34
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Feb 20, 2019 · Monologue from the movie My Cousin Vinny. I hope you like it. N.Y. accent. MovieMonologue ...Duration: 1:41
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What accent is in Goodfellas?
The New York accent is an important one as it's iconic of America's grandest city. This is an accent with attitude, often associated with police officers or gangsters in popular films. You've likely heard it in movies like Goodfellas or perhaps in sitcoms like Seinfeld.
What kind of accent does Joe Pesci have?
Of course, Joe Pesci is know for his broad Italian-American accent, while Stephen comes from Liverpool, and therefore, has a Liverpudlian accent - as you can see him try to teach to Tom Hanks in the clip above. He first discussed the first time he met Robert De Niro, who was also part of the A list cast.
What town is My Cousin Vinny set in?
See where the "two yutes" got into trouble in Georgia. Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio and Marisa Tomei star in the film, which has become one of Georgia's most iconic movies. The Oscar-winning film celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017, and you can still visit many of the locations in Monticello and beyond.
Where is Beechum County Alabama?
Beechum County isn't a real county in Alabama. It was also filmed in Georgia, the Sac o Suds is still open and still called the Sac o Suds, and the 3 hotels are closed.
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That is not Italian at all :) It's a version of a Sicilian dialect, only partially intelligible with Italian. That makes a lot of sense in the movie, standard Italian would be ...
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