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Milo Manara
Maurilio Manara (/məˈnɑːrə/; born 12 September 1945), known professionally as Milo Manara, is an Italian comic book writer and artist. Career · Bibliography Notable works: The Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman; Butterscotch; Click; Indian Summer Born: Maurilio Manara; 12 September 1945 (age 76); Lüsen (Luson), South Tyrol, Italy Nationality: Italian
Maurilio Manara – known professionally as Milo Manara – is an Italian comic book writer and artist, best known for his erotic approach to the medium.
Milo Manara, the well-known illustrator of adult graphic novels, began his career working on "... Born: September 15, 1945. Photos. Milo Manara ... Animation Department: Adrian (2019) Actor: Signorie, potere e bellezza Himelf (2015) Writer: City Hunters (2006) Art Department: The Voice of the Moon (1990)
Milo Manara is an Italian comic book writer and artist. He's one of the most important international erotic authors. Ph. Joel Sagel / AFP
Manara Erotic Oracle: Chakras, Eros, and Astrology. by Milo Manara and Elsa Khaptnukovski | Oct 8, 2021.
Born in Luson, Milo Manara initially earned a living by assisting sculptors and only became interested in comics in the late sixties. He is one of the few ...
Variant virgin cover art by Milo Manara; 48-page comic published by Panini Italy including issues #76-#77 (2016); 'Museum Edition: Verona, ...
Jan 11, 2020 · Milo Manara, Italian master of erotic comics, is featured on the cover of Vogue Italia. It turns out Manara does more than sexy comics ...
Search results: "Milo Manara". See all 22 products · Preview · The Borgias TPB. $29.99. Preview · The Manara Library Volume 3: Trip to Tulum and Other ...