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Marquez mon
mark my words, you mark my words interj, (this is sure to happen), écoute-moi bien, écoutez-moi bien interj ; je te le dis, je vous le dis interj ; Mark my words!
Mark my words, you mark my words interj: (this is sure to happen)
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Translation for 'mark my words' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations.
mark my words = souvenez-vous de ce que je dis. The English to French online dictionary. Check spelling and grammar. English-French translations.
mark my words French translation:v. faites attention à ce que j.... click for more detailed French translation, definition, pronunciation and example ...
Examples of using Mark my words in a sentence and their translations ... Mark my words François. Notez mes mots François. Mark my words they will find you.
"words" in French : n. mots, propos; discours; texte; version, parol... "in my own words" in French : in my own words ...
Feb 20, 2022 · french Translation in French · Mark my words, that′s all that I have · Marque mes mots, donne tout ce que j'ai · De toute façon · Tu es la seule ...