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2 months ago Yandex Maps outlines Palestine's borders and labels it as 'Palestine.' Palestine is recognized as an independent state by the United Nations and...
59 months ago While 136 members of the United Nations recognise Palestine as an independent state, the US and much of the west does not.
59 months ago A Wikipedia knowledge box on Maps describes Palestine as a "de jure sovereign state," a term selected by the United Nations in 2013.
59 months ago Palestine isn't on Google's map, and it never has been, but the issue has come ... Many countries across the world recognize Palestine as an...
81 months ago All the countries—including Sweden—that now recognize Palestinian statehood. A supporter of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood holds up a...
80 months ago Last week, Sweden became the 135th member of the United Nations to officially recognize Palestine as an independent state. The act sparked a...
44 months ago Click here for the full map. 137 countries are listed as recognising Palestine, on the website of the Palestinian mission to the United Nations.
13 months ago In 1981, Israel unilaterally annexed the territory. In 2019, the US became the only country to recognise Israel's annexation of the land. 20.
74 months ago [Map: The countries that recognize Palestine.] As WorldViews has discussed, this is the product of increasing frustrations with the right-wing...
59 months ago “There has never been a 'Palestine' label on Google Maps, ... dotted line to signify that their borders are not internationally recognized.