International recognition of the State of Palestine

The international recognition of the State of Palestine has been the objective of the Palestine Liberation Organization since the Palestinian Declaration of Independence proclaimed the establishment of ... Wikipedia
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Does the US recognize Palestine as a country?
The United States does not recognize the State of Palestine, but accepts the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as a representative of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian National Authority as the authority legitimately governing the Palestinian territories under the Oslo Accords.
What European countries recognize Palestine?
As of 2020, 9 out of 28 EU member states recognize Palestine. In 2014, Sweden became the first member to recognize Palestine. Malta and Cyprus had recognized Palestine prior to joining the EU, as did a number of Central European member states when they were allied with the Soviet Union.
Does Turkey recognize Palestine?
Turkey established official relations with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1975 and was one of the first countries that recognized the Palestinian State established in exile on 15 November 1988. ... Turkey supports the efforts of the State of Palestine to be recognized as a state in international forums.
Does India recognize Palestine?
In 1974, India became the first Non-Arab State to recognize Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. In 1988, India became one of the first countries to recognize the Palestinian State.
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Feb 17, 2016 ˇ Map countries that consider Palestine to be an independent country, updated for 2016 and recognition by Caribbean country Saint Lucia.
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May 19, 2021 ˇ As of August 2014, 134 nations have officially recognized Palestine as a sovereign state following the Palestinian declaration of independence.
Muslim countries, and the rest of the world is reasonable and recognizes two states that de facto exist. 21. Reply.
Jun 26, 2020 ˇ In 1981, Israel unilaterally annexed the territory. In 2019, the US became the only country to recognise Israel's annexation of the land. 20.