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Tenet Character Timeline – My first attempt to map the main characters of Tenet through time and space. The biggest subreddit dedicated to Christopher Nolan's ...
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Are there 2 Kats at the end of Tenet?
Yes, there are two versions of Kat for a moment. There's the "past" Kat – the one who we see approaching the boat and who will go on to live the events of the movie. "Future" Kat is the one who kills Sator and who goes off with Sator's body and Himesh Patel's Mahi.
Is Tenet a time loop?
After Kate is shot by Sator, The Protagonist travels backwards through time, and the climax of the movie happens on that same date, the 14th. The beginning and end of Tenet happen together. Either way, you look at the events of TENET, backwards or forward, it tells the same exact story.
Is Neil inverted in Tenet?
The Protagonist is part of the Red Team, who will be performing the operation through the normal direction of time while Neil is part of the Blue Team, which observed the operation from afar and then were inverted, traveling backward in time, knowing what they need to do to be victorious.
How many states does Tenet operate in?
We are located primarily in urban and suburban communities in nine states. Our hospitals are well known for delivering excellent medical care and offering a complete range of services tailored to the needs of each community we serve.
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The most detailed plot analysis and ending of Tenet explained. Here's everything you need to know with timeline diagrams.
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Cities. Map of Tenet Health Acute Care Hospitals locations in the United States in 2022 ... You can download the complete list of 60 Tenet Health Acute Care ...
Connected Maps. Entrance of Kateen Forest (Level 106, Field), Guards Graveyard (Level 53, Dungeon), Nefritas Cliff (Level 32, Field), Tenet Church B1 (Level ...