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2 weeks ago Manny Montana's character Rio certainly knows a thing or two about money on the show 'Good Girls' from making it to laundering it.
2 weeks ago Then, on Wednesday, an article was published by TV Line that seemed to lay the blame on actor Manny Montana, who plays Rio on the show.
2 weeks ago The show was set to go into production in Spring 2022. christina hendricks good girls costar manny montana fight. Source: Jordin Althaus/NBC.
2 weeks ago Some want to know why Montana is the only one taking the heat. Another season of 'Good Girls' was on the horizon. Manny Montana as Rio is laughing while sitting...
2 weeks ago One of the show's most talked-about characters is Rio, played by Manny Montana. Rio is a Detroit crime lord with a secretive past, and since the show's...
1 day ago Beth opted to live the criminal lifestyle she's become accustomed to, and leaves the series with a new power dynamic between her and Rio (Manny Montana).
1 day ago TVLine reported that actor Manny Montana, who played Rio, allegedly wasn't willing to take a pay cut like his fellow costars Christina Hendricks,...
2 weeks ago The alleged tension between Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana. Although Hendricks stated that the show's scenes caused her and the cast to get massages, the...
2 weeks ago Manny Montana, who plays the role of Rio in the show, was one of the ... Christina Hendricks And Manny Montana's Relationship – The Speculated Reason for...
1 month ago However, not even the streamer is picking up another season of the show, which starred Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman and Manny Montana.