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7 days ago · All the Sketches where Lorne Michaels makes a cameo. In the end, it's very rare if you think about it. Can you name some of them?
7 days ago · 74 votes, 10 comments. 103K subscribers in the LiveFromNewYork community. Saturday Night Live. Sketches, videos, interviews, live discussions…
3 days ago · Bill Hader's impression of Lorne Michaels talking about serial killers is something I think you guys might enjoy. ... “His name's Dennis. He's a human being.”.
7 days ago · A cursory glance at Lorne's filmography suggests he first fell in love with blue skies around 1992 and that relationship seemed to end around 2004. There was ...
5 days ago · Some say Lorne Michaels didn't know either. Upvote 5. Downvote. Reply. u/Detroit_Telkepnaya avatar Detroit_Telkepnaya • 3 yr. ago.
7 days ago · sconce2600 <3 Lorne Michaels • 5 yr. ago. Additional comment actions. Yes! Several. Several folks hated Chris Kattan, Nora Dunn was not very popular with ...
8 hours ago · Instead of Lorne Michaels, a temporary producer was in charge, and the show went into some weird territory and produced almost no memorable content.
4 days ago · It was awful except for "Musicians for Free-Range Chickens," in which Seagal didn't appear. I've read that Lorne Michaels almost cancelled on Seagal and simply ...
7 days ago · Head Writers: Michael Che / Anna Drezen (until S47E09) / Alison Gates ... Ben Marshall / Lorne Michaels / Jake Nordwind / Jasmine Pierce (until S47E09) ...