Natural Order

Longmire episode (season 2, episode 11)
A game warden is found dead alongside an illegally killed elk, leading Walt to uncover a connection to a rare supplement; Branch learns more information about Cady's accident.
Show: Longmire
Air date: August 12, 2013
Rating (825)
While the sheriff's office investigates the death of a game warden and the illegal shooting of an elk, Branch tries to figure out his future after losing ...
Full Cast & Crew · Cast (23) · AJ Buckley as Keith Dixon · Omar
Cast (23) · Robert Taylor · Katee Sackhoff · Lou Diamond Phillips · Bailey Chase · Cassidy Freeman · Adam Bartley · Louanne Stephens · A Martinez.
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Are there any Native American actors in Longmire?
Costar in Netflix's hit western says Native Americans are winning at last. A Martinez plays an activist owner of Wyoming's Four Arrows Casino in "Longmire.” The modern western Longmire became A&E's No.
Who punctured cadys tire on Longmire?
He continues looking over the car that Cady was injured while fixing its flat tire. He finds a fingerprint near the tire. The puncture was deliberately done by someone employed by Jacob Nighthorse, who, when confronted with this information, tells Branch that he needs to let go of the past and look to the future.
Aug 12, 2013
What secret is Longmire keeping from his daughter?
In the penultimate installment of the debut season of "Longmire" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on A&E), things came to a head between Walt Longmire and his daughter Cady. Walt finds out that she's been secretly dating one of his deputies for the past six months, and to make matters worse, the deputy happens to be Branch Connally, ...
Who is the father of Vic's baby on Longmire?
Who is the father of Vic's baby on Longmire? In season 6 the fans might see her involved in the Irish mob. According to Jobs & Hire, Vic is pregnant but it is still unknown who the father is. Some people say she will raise her baby alone, while others say she will accept Will Longmire as a father to the baby.
Aug 12, 2013 · Main Cast · Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt Longmire · Katee Sackhoff as Deputy Victoria "Vic" Moretti · Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear ...
Summary · Cast
Episode: 11
Season: 2
The mystery proceeds in the usual Longmire style, spending a lot of time on the red herring of a teen football player and his hunter father ( ...
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Aug 12, 2013 · Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Natural Order, Longmire links up the death of a game warden ...
Posted: Aug 12, 2013
Aug 12, 2013 · Natural Order · Episode Info · Guest Cast · Louanne Stephens · A. Martinez · Louis Herthum · Lochlyn Munro · A.J. Buckley · Jim Beaver.
Natural Order Longmire Season 2. Tomatometer Not Yet Available ... Walt Longmire. Lou Diamond Phillips Henry Standing Bear. Katee Sackhoff Victoria Moretti.
Aug 13, 2013 · Title: Longmire – Natural Order; link. longmire-natural-order. Following his own sacrifice in the desert and Cady (Cassidy Freeman) ...
Longmire Episode 2.11 Natural Order. Episode Premiere. Aug 12, 2013. Genre. Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller. Production Company. The Shephard/Robin Company, ...
When a game warden is killed alongside an elk that was poached, Walt discovers a connection to a rare expensive supplement. Walt completes his sacrifice, ...