1 month ago... when the clouds lift, the waters part and we're free. ... “Longmire” called Tome on the Range (David Wing, Cape Elizabeth, Maine)
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52 months agoLONGMIRE Season 5 DVD Release Details ∑ Digital HD ∑ 10 One-Hour Episodes 1. A Fog That Won't Lift 2. One Good Memory 3. Chrysalis 4. ∑ BASICS
16 months agoRead it here and raise a glass to lifesaving medical ... For the next year, Blalock and Longmire rebuilt hearts virtually around the clock.
86 months agoGreat ending. Here is my thoughts on the ending..Henry is out near where Branch and his Daddy are, sees Barlow raise his rifle and shoots Barlow...
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2 months agoThe shift throws lead dog Chase through a loop, since Adventure City holds nothing but painful memories for him as a former stray.