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17 hours ago · Giant Sunspot AR3038 has Doubled in Size and is Pointed Right at Earth. Could be Auroras Coming. Sunspots are typically no real reason to worry, even if they ...
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What is the latest in space news?
NASA's CAPSTONE cubesat launch to the moon delayed again for systems checks The small CAPSTONE moon cubesat's next launch opportunity is Tuesday, June 28, NASA says. Stunning Mars photos by the Curiosity rover show ancient climate shift. See the rare alignment of 5 planets and the moon in this stunning night sky photo.
What is happening to the universe today?
The Universe is expanding, which means that the distances between the largest cosmic structures are increasing with time. A second ago, the Universe was slightly smaller; a second from now, the Universe will be slightly larger.
Jul 26, 2019
What was NASA's big announcement today?
The US space agency, Nasa, has revealed conclusive evidence of water on the Moon. Unlike previous detections of water in permanently shadowed parts of lunar craters, scientists have now detected the molecule in sunlit regions of the Moon's surface.
What is today NASA news?
NASA Mars Orbiter Releasing One of Its Last Rainbow-Colored Maps. The map, to be released in batches over six months, covers the vast majority of the planet, revealing dozens of minerals found on its surface. . News.
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5 days ago · Take a trip through time and space to the early universe with NASA's James Webb Space ...
Duration: 3:31
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