As of 2020, Katrina Bowden has a net worth estimated of over $1.1 million. She's made her fortune from various acting roles over the years.
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Who is Katrina Bowden married to?
Ben Jorgensen Katrina Bowden / Spouse Personal life. In May 2013, Bowden married musician and singer Ben Jorgensen, of the band Armor for Sleep.
Is Katrina Bowden still married to Ben Jorgensen?
Flo may not be having much luck in the romance department on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, but her portrayer, Katrina Bowden, is happily married to her husband, Ben Jorgensen! ... He and Bowden tied the knot on May 19, 2013.
How old is Katrina Bowden?
33 years (September 19, 1988)
Katrina Bowden / Age
Where is Katrina Bowden from?
Wyckoff, NJ
Katrina Bowden / Place of birth
How Much Money Does Katrina Bowden Make? Latest Income Salary · Katrina Bowden Net Worth: $50 Millions.
6 days ago · Katrina Bowden: Net Worth, Income, Salary ... She has an estimated net worth of around $1.1 million and she has earned that sum of money from her ...
Mentioning her physical attributes, the hardworking and committed celebrity has a slender, hot, and curvaceous body using the dimension of 34-24 ...Duration: 2:39
Posted: Mar 12, 2018
Katrina Bowden in 2021: Still married to her Husband Ben Jorgensen? Net worth: How rich is she? Does Katrina Bowden have tattoos? Does she smoke?
She has an estimated net worth of around $1.1 million and she has earned that sum of money from her professional career. Regarding her houses and cars are not ...
The net worth of Katrina Bowden is estimated to be 1.1 million dollars. She has worked very hard in her different jobs and ...
Katrina Bowden (born September 19, 1988) is an American actress best known for playing Cerie on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock (2006–2013).
Katrina Bowden net worth is assessed to be $1.1 Million Dollars (approx) according to Celebrity Net Worth. She is likewise skilled actress. Married Life / ... Net Worth: $1.1 Million Dollars (approx) (As in 2021) Age: 33 years 0 months 2 days
Katrina Bowden has a net worth of approximately $1.1 million, as of August 2019, accumulated by increasing her work rate as the years went by, ...Duration: 2:17
Posted: May 23, 2021