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Juneau is the capital city of the state of Alaska. Located in the Gastineau Channel and the Alaskan panhandle, it is a unified municipality and the second-largest city in the United States of America by area. Wikipedia
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What is Juneau best known for?
Juneau is home to 280 species of birds, brown and black bears, five species of salmon, and whales (primarily humpback and orca). Although you may not see them all on your next Alaskan cruise, Juneau is well known for its incredible wildlife — both on land and by sea. Juneau is popular.
Is Juneau Alaska expensive to live?
With the average cost across all urban communities surveyed set at 100, Juneau's 2018 annual average composite score of 134.1 means that it is approximately one-third more expensive to live in Juneau than the average U.S. city, giving Juneau the highest cost of living among the four Alaskan communities surveyed.
Why are there no roads to Juneau Alaska?
The absence of a road network is due to the extremely rugged terrain surrounding the city. This in turn makes Juneau a de facto island city in terms of transportation, since all goods coming in and out must go by plane or boat, in spite of the city's being on the Alaskan mainland.
Is Juneau or Anchorage bigger?
Because Juneau is smaller (just under 33,000 residents, compared to Anchorage's 300,000), it's pretty obvious when a cruise ship (or two or three) full of passengers gets to town. ... Anchorage, on the other hand, is bigger and can absorb visitors without oversaturating.
Juneau Alaska stands on one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States. Here you can spend your time viewing wildlife, taking the fishing trip of ... Discover Juneau ˇ Fast Facts ˇ Plan Your Trip ˇ Request a Visitors Guide
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Juneau is the capital city of the state of Alaska. Located in the Gastineau Channel and the Alaskan panhandle, it is a unified municipality and the ... Joe Juneau (prospector) ˇ Southeast Alaska ˇ West Juneau ˇ Alaska State Capitol Home-rule city: October 1960 Area code(s): 907 Named for: Joe Juneau Named: 1881 (Juneau City); 1882 (Juneau)
Information on Juneau, Alaska including things to do, arts & culture, hiking, whale watching, glacier viewing, lodging, history, kayaking, museums.
Feb 7, 2021 ˇ Juneau is one of Alaska's largest ports of call and the second most visited city in the state. It can be crowded during the cruise season. You ...
Juneau, city and borough, capital (since 1906) of Alaska, U.S. The city, at the heart of the Inside Passage (Alaska Marine Highway), is located in the ...
Jutting out of the massive Juneau Icefield, the Mendenhall Glacier is one of the city's biggest attractions ... Humpback whale breaching near Juneau, Alaska.
With a total area of 3,255 square miles, Juneau, Alaska, is one of the largest municipalities in the United States and the largest capital in the US by area.
Juneau Community Website. Welcome to Juneau, Alaska's Capital City, and the hub of Southeast Alaska. We invite you to explore our ...