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Posted: Sep 1, 2019
Most people tend to say the usual "One bad day" quote from "The Killing Joke"...But I have to go with: "In my dream the world had suffered a terrible ...
Apr 11, 2021 · The only good joker quote is “If you have to explain the joke, THERE IS NO JOKE!” Upvote 2
Feb 16, 2022 · Those Instagram accounts that post random motivational quotes and put a picture of Joker over it are actually cringe.
Aug 23, 2020 · The Joker used to be cool, but since he became the king of the edgelords I cringe whenever I see him in a meme. Upvote 40
Remembering's dangerous. I find the past such a worrying, anxious place. “The Past Tense,” I suppose you'd call it. Memory's so treacherous. One…
Oct 2, 2021 · God I love that scene. But it's also my only (minor) beef with that movie. Ok before you get the pitchforks I understand that Joker in the ...
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