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11 hours ago (Second only to her father and “teacher,” four-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke, ... who made her directorial debut with Palo Alto (with James Franco) in 2013,...
2 weeks ago ... comedy Why Him? is anchored by James Franco and Bryan Cranston's chemistry as a young tech magnate and the cranky dad whose daughter he's dating.
4 weeks ago Peter's father figure dies in a robbery gone bad, the perpetrator of which Peter ... (James Franco) and his childhood crush, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).
4 weeks ago ... Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) and his weed dealer Stone Silver (James Franco) ... overshadowing his previously best known role as the dad on Malcolm in the...
2 weeks ago ... Geeks," was a launchpad for actors James Franco, Jason Segal, Seth Rogen, ... in the rom-com series "Love" and was cast in her dad's movie "The Bubble.
2 weeks ago While blazed, James Franco and Seth Rogen's protagonists witness a drug ... Lister Jr.) to comedy legend John Witherspoon as Craig's dad—who gave this one...
4 weeks ago Financial thriller Equity with James Purefoy, in which she played a high-powered ... Miranda Bailey in which a teenager finds out that his dad has a second family. ... who crosses paths with Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) in San Francisco.
1 day ago He looks like he is rocking the Dad bod at the moment. ... renowned role as Honey Ryder, opposite Sean Connery, in the very first James Bond movie, "Dr. No.".
3 days ago ... been with me throughout my whole career," said Freiermuth, whose dad was also ... From the moment Franco Harris, a former Penn State player himself, walked ... another former Steelers tight end Freiermuth is familiar with is Jesse James,...
2 days ago But with the way he grew up, with the things he saw his dad go through, ... Actor James Franco has openly admitted that one of his least favorite jobs was “Your...