Straight distance from Ukraine to Israel is 1916 kilometers (1190 miles). Travel info Flights Calculator Map route FAQ. Travel information from Ukraine to ...
How far is Kiev, Ukraine from Tel Aviv, Israel? The driving distance is 2095 miles and the flight distance is 1286 miles.
Sea route & distance · Port of Odessa, Ukraine to Port of Haifa, Israel: 1534 nautical miles.
Kiev, UA, 50.4547 30.5238. Tel Aviv, IL, 32.0809 34.7806. Miles: 1287.17. Kilometers: 2071.44. Bearing: SE. Map is below. Share on Facebook.
Tel Aviv, IL: 32.0809; 34.7806
Kiev, UA: 50.4547; 30.5238
Miles: 1287.17
The estimated direct flight duration from Israel to Ukraine is 3h 0min and depends on the distance between the particular airports.
Nov 10, 2020 · The two countries may be located in different continents, but they share a common border. The distance between Israel and Ukraine is 1,744 ...
Jerusalem, Israel's latitude is 31.79 and its longitude is 35.2. Kiev, Ukraine's latitude is 50.45 and its longitude is 30.5. The distance in kilometers ...
Optimal route map between Crimea, Ukraine and Tel Aviv, Israel. This route will be about 3026 Miles. The driving route information(distance, estimated time, ...
Get a quick answer: It's 1533 miles or 2467 km from Jerusalem to Odessa (Ukraine), which takes about 33 hours, 25 minutes to drive.
Distance between Kyiv, Ukraine and Jerusalem, Israel calculated as great-circle distance on the surface of the spherical Earth.