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The Times of Israel is your one-stop site for news, features, live blogs and more - on Israel, the region & the Jewish world.
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The Jerusalem Post is Israel's most-read English news website and best-selling English newspaper bringing breaking news, world news & middle east news.
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Haaretz Newspaper: Breaking news, analysis and opinion from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.
Jan 17, 2019 ˇ Founded in 1932, the Jerusalem Post, or JPost, is the most well-known and still the most widely read Israeli news site. While sharing much of ...
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What is the biggest newspaper in Israel?
Haʾaretz, (Hebrew: “The Land”) newspaper, published in Tel Aviv, that is Israel's oldest daily and generally considered the country's highest-quality newspaper. Haʾaretz was founded in Jerusalem in 1919 as an independent liberal paper in the tradition of Russian-Hebrew journalism and moved to Tel Aviv in 1923.
Which newspaper in Israel is conservative?
Front page of The Jerusalem Post
Yaakov Katz
1 December 1932 (as The Palestine Post)
Political alignment
Centrist to conservative
Which Israeli news app is best?
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Twitter Twitter, Inc.
וואלה!NEWS Mintmark LTD
ynet Yedioth Internet
חמ״ל - חדשות מתפרצות בזמן אמת Mintmark LTD
How many newspapers are there in Israel?
Today, only three such newspapers remain, intended for religious readers: Hatsofeh, Hamodia and Yated Ne'eman. Several hundred local papers are published in Israel, most of them weeklies appearing on Friday. Many are owned by the Moses and Shocken conglomerates.
Collected by the World Zionist Organization, Holocaust survivors communicate with God at the Western Wall in special ceremony where their notes were placed ...
4 days ago ˇ Israel on Friday declared six prominent Palestinian human rights groups to be terrorist organizations. Majdi Mohammed/AP hide caption.
An independent American news agency specializing in coverage of the Middle East. The Media Line provides unbiased reporting, background and context.
2 days ago ˇ Practical ban. The redesignation as terrorist organisations, in effect, bans the work of these human rights defenders, and allows the Israeli ...
4 days ago ˇ Israel on Friday effectively outlawed six prominent Palestinian human rights groups by declaring them terrorist organizations, ...