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On September 21, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu met with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, a meeting that focused on staying out of...
79 months ago
Resonant Syria strike suggests coordinated US-Israel message to Russia and Iran. Overnight attack comes with Pompeo in the region, Netanyahu and...
48 months ago
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Russia is unlikely to try to limit Israel's military actions in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said...
48 months ago
India relies on Russian-made weapons, Israel needs Russia's cooperation to strike inside Syria and Gulf Arab states look to Russia to help...
2 months ago
Russia said Syrian air defense systems shot down five of eight missiles fired by two Israeli F-15 combat jets from Lebanese air space, Interfax...
49 months ago
The Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday that its forces in Syria had set up a “hotline” with the Israeli military to avoid clashes in the...
79 months ago
The big question is whether the tensions will lead to any change in the Russian military's behavior toward Israeli airstrikes in Syria.
2 weeks ago
Syrian anti-aircraft missiles have shot down a Russian military plane ... A Russian military spokesman said Israeli F-16 pilots were using the...
44 months ago
Iran's military presence in Syria is solely dedicated to the “war on terrorism,” Russia's ambassador to Israel said Monday, seeking to...
54 months ago
Israel has rejected a Russian proposal to keep Iranian forces in Syria 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from Israel's northern border,...
45 months ago