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7 months ago Isaiah Stannard, 16, stars on NBC's Good Girls, where he plays Ben Marks, a transitioning transgender teen. Ben's story mirrors the actor's own life.
6 months ago Read Good Girls star Isaiah Stannard's take on Pride in 2021 and what he'd say if he came face-to-face with the "Watermelon Sugar" singer.
5 months ago Isaiah Stannard played a trans teen with a supportive mum in NBC's Good Girls, while Mj Jackson was the first trans person to be nominated for an Emmy for Pose.
5 days ago Sara Hill, Ruby and Stan's daughter, is played by Lidya Jewett. Ben Marks, Annie and Greg's kid, is played by Isaiah Stannard. Related topics: Letterkenny...
8 months ago Annie had her son, Ben Marks (Isaiah Stannard), as a teenager. Shortly after Good Girls aired, Whitman shared how her former Parenthood co-star,...
4 months ago ... Annie (Mae Whitman)'s oldest child comes out as a boy and says he wants to go by the name Ben. He is played by trans child actor Isaiah Stannard.
6 months ago The cast also included Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, Lidya Jewett, Isaiah Stannard and Matthew Lillard. Michael Weaver, Jeannine Renshaw, Mark Wilding and...
3 months ago Matthew Lilliard as Dean Boland- Beth's cheating ex-husband. Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill- Ruby and Stan's daughter. and Isaiah Stannard as Ben Marks- Annie...
6 months ago Ben Marks (Isaiah Stannard) is one of the youngest main characters on Good Girls and is the son of Annie Marks, Beth's younger sister.
10 months ago In the debut episode of season 4, Good Girls dives into Annie's (Mae Whitman) changing dynamic with her son, Ben (Isaiah Stannard). When she suggests throwing a...