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People also ask
Where can i stream dimension 20?
You can watch on the official Dimension 20 YouTube channel, or subscribe to for the Season 2 of The Unsleeping City streaming now!
Is dimension 20 live on YouTube?
The first four episodes of Dimension 20 LIVE are currently available to watch for free on Dimension 20's YouTube channel. The full season of Dimension 20 LIVE can be viewed on CollegeHumor's streaming service Dropout.
Is CollegeHumor a dropout?
On September 26, 2018, Dropout officially launched in the United States. CH Media's CEO, Rich Cusick, announced the service as a "TV-MA version of CollegeHumor", allowing fans to dive deeper into pre-established characters and shows from the primary CollegeHumor YouTube channel.
Is there more dimension 20?
Dimension 20 just wrapped up its sidequest season, Pirates of Leviathan, but CollegeHumor's Dropout TV and Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan are ready for Season 7. In an announcement trailer released Friday, Dimension 20 revealed the next season will return to a familiar location: New York City.
8 days ago How to describe Dimension 20? It's chaotic, it's heartfelt, it's thrilling, it's funny, and...well, mostly chaotic. Welcome to's actualplay tabletop RPG show ,...
May 26, 2021 The official Tumblr of DIMENSION 20, streaming now on ... The finale of Mice & Murder goes live TONIGHT. ... “We'll just keep coming back up”. Dimension 20 Brennan Lee Mulligan Mice And Murder Mice & Murder
May 19, 2021 1 Recap 2 Synopsis 3 Locations 4 Characters 4.1 The Sylvan Sleuths 4.2 New 4.3 Returning 4.4 Mentioned 5 Trivia Gang… Last week our animal investigators ...
5 days ago Mice & Murder is the 8th season and 4th Side Quest of Dimension 20. It was released in spring of 2021 on Dropout with 10 episodes.
8 days ago Sam Reich Needs to Play Again. When the cast first came out, I was admittedly a bit suspect of Sam being a PC--...
May 25, 2021 A subreddit dedicated to Dimension 20, CollegeHumor's D&D show! ... Everyone's really excited about what's coming up next in the programming - they' re hopeful but aware that there's still a way to go ... I really hope Sam comes back in a future season! ... Rekha talking about her decision in the Dropout discord live chat.
Jun 3, 2021 DIMENSION 20 is a DnD actual play show DM'd by Brennan Lee Mulligan! Comedy, drama, and dads ... The Um Actually Home Game Kickstarter is LIVE!. Support Um, Actually ... Again, all by the wonderful @vugarou. May be an illustration.
5 days ago dimension 20 yelling. Brennan Lee Mulligan gives me my rights every time he openes his god dan mouth. Figayda is very good and sweet and I crie ••• header ...
May 24, 2021 Riz attempting to sew Biz Glitterdew's fingers back on after having shot them off in a brutal Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique before learning he was the victim of ...