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Rating (625) · $11-30
Seattle Art Museum has 4.0 stars from 625 reviews. Is Seattle Art Museum good for kids? Yes, they are rated good for kids. They have a play area.
People also ask
How long do you need at Seattle Art Museum?
Though not as grand or world-class as the Louvre or the Met, the Seattle Art Museum is home to a wonderful collection of art old and new from artists around the globe. We think it's the ideal size: large enough to wander for a two-hour visit or longer, but not so huge that it's overwhelming.
How long does it take to walk through the Seattle Art Museum?
Luckily for people in a time crunch, this museum is not overbearing. In an hour, you can hit the main highlights at least, which should include the temporary exhibits. You can always come back for the permanent collection. 1300 1st Ave.
What is the Seattle Art Museum known for?
SAM has been the center for world-class visual arts in the Pacific Northwest since 1933. Visit SAM to see a museum carved into the city, as much a part of Seattle's landscape and personality as the coffee, rain, mountains, Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle.
Does Seattle have a good art scene?
Seattle's art scene is where you can discover the city's cultured, fun, and playful personality. We have a reputation as one of the greatest arts cities in the world—after all, this is the home of music legends like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Pearl Jam.
Is the Seattle Art Museum worth visiting? Though not as grand or world-class as the Louvre or the Met, the Seattle Art Museum is home to a wonderful collection ...
Rating (151)
The Seattle Art Museum's in the heart of beautiful Volunteer Park, is worth visiting if it is open. We approached the Asian Art Museum through the Volunteer ...
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It is definitely worth visiting (several times) And the fact that it's free should help get you in the door if you're not completely convinced about visiting or ...
Oct 14, 2021 · The Seattle Art Museum, better known as SAM, is one block from Pike Place ... Center up north in Everett, which is also worth visiting.
The Burke Museum reopened in a new building in 2019 along with several new long-term exhibits. Each exhibit is based on a category of Washington State, which ...
Jan 7, 2022 · Belltown's Olympic Sculpture Park is an extension of the Seattle Art Museum and is a nine-acre outdoor sculpture park, overlooking Elliot Bay.
Starting from $7.07
This is the perfect activity for groups, large or small, interested in seeing ... What are other things to do than Seattle Art Museum Tours that are worth ...
Jun 14, 2022 · This museum is worth visiting even just for its architecture. It is in such a picturesque location too. And what to see at the Seattle Art ...
Mar 2, 2022 · Is Seattle Art Museum Worth Visiting? It is not only the way the Seattle Art Museum's interior is sleek and contemporary, but also the ways ...