Impractical Jokers

2011 ‧ Reality ‧ 9 seasons
8.6/10 ˇ IMDb 5/5 ˇ Facebook 100% ˇ Rotten Tomatoes
This hidden-camera series follows four lifelong friends - Brian `Q' Quinn, James `Murr' Murray, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano - who take dares to an outrageous level. Since they were young, the quartet have challenged one another to do ridiculous...
No. of episodes: 231 (+39 specials) (list of episodes)
No. of seasons: 9
Networks: truTV and Comedy Central
First episode date: December 15, 2011
S09 E26 ˇ Brooke Shields
Aug 4, 2022
S09 E25 ˇ Method Man
Jul 28, 2022
S09 E24 ˇ David Cross
Jul 21, 2022
S09 E23 ˇ Adam Pally & Jon Gabrus
Jul 14, 2022
S09 E22 ˇ Chris Jericho
Jul 7, 2022
S09 E21 ˇ Rob Riggle
Jun 30, 2022
S09 E20 ˇ The Impractical Jokers Awards
Jun 23, 2022
S09 E19 ˇ Jillian Bell
Jun 16, 2022
S09 E18 ˇ Eric André
Apr 2, 2022
S09 E17 ˇ Moist Richard
Aug 19, 2021
S09 E16 ˇ A Tasteful Episode
Aug 12, 2021
S09 E15 ˇ Food, Air, Toilet
Aug 5, 2021
S09 E14 ˇ Documentary No!
Jul 29, 2021
S09 E13 ˇ I’m Having the Best Time
Jul 22, 2021
S09 E12 ˇ Prince + Charming
Jul 15, 2021
S09 E11 ˇ Breaking Wind Beneath My Wings
Jul 8, 2021
S09 E10 ˇ The Prince and Me
Apr 29, 2021
S09 E09 ˇ OK Zoomer
Apr 22, 2021
S09 E08 ˇ Space Oddity
Apr 15, 2021
S09 E07 ˇ Pity in Pink
Mar 25, 2021
S09 E06 ˇ Smashing Success
Mar 11, 2021
S09 E05 ˇ Bleach for America
Mar 4, 2021
S09 E04 ˇ Poetry Slammed
Feb 25, 2021
S09 E03 ˇ Drive, Drive, Drive
Feb 18, 2021
S09 E02 ˇ The Bachelor Party
Feb 11, 2021
S09 E01 ˇ You Dirty Dog
Feb 4, 2021
S08 E50 ˇ Dinner Party The Invent A Dish Episode
Jan 14, 2021
S08 E49 ˇ Dinner Party: The 4 Meals, 1 Color Episode
Jan 7, 2021
S08 E48 ˇ Holiday Party
Dec 17, 2020
S08 E47 ˇ Dinner Party: The Food Ya Never Ate Episode
Dec 10, 2020
S08 E46 ˇ Dinner Party: The Murr's Farms Episode
Dec 3, 2020
S08 E45 ˇ Dinner Party: The Childhood Meals Episode
Nov 26, 2020
S08 E44 ˇ Dinner Party: The Food After Da' Club Episode
Nov 19, 2020
S08 E43 ˇ Dinner Party: The Backyard Cookout Episode
Nov 12, 2020
S08 E42 ˇ Dinner Party: The Eggplant Parm Episode
Nov 5, 2020
S08 E41 ˇ Dinner Party: The Halloween Episode
Oct 29, 2020
S08 E40 ˇ Dinner Party: The Breakfast Foods Episode
Jul 16, 2020
S08 E39 ˇ Dinner Party: The Soup's On Episode
Jul 9, 2020
S08 E38 ˇ Dinner Party: The Early Thanksgiving Episode
Jul 2, 2020
S08 E37 ˇ Dinner Party: The PB&J Episode
Jun 25, 2020
S08 E36 ˇ Dinner Party: The Pizza Episode
Jun 18, 2020
S08 E34 ˇ Dinner Party: The Tacos With Guy Episode
May 28, 2020
S08 E33 ˇ Dinner Party: The Spaghetti and Meatballs Episode
May 21, 2020
S08 E32 ˇ Impractical Jokers: Slam Dunks
Mar 12, 2020
S08 E31 ˇ It's Electric
Mar 5, 2020
S08 E30 ˇ Rock Bottom
Feb 27, 2020
S08 E29 ˇ The Shame of Water
Feb 20, 2020
S08 E28 ˇ Hollywood
Feb 13, 2020
S08 E27 ˇ Celebrating 200 Episodes: The First Hundred
Feb 13, 2020
S08 E26 ˇ Celebrating 200 Episodes: The Second Hundred
Feb 13, 2020
S08 E25 ˇ The Paternity Test
Feb 6, 2020

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Three comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other amongst the general public with a series of hilarious and outrageous dares.
Impractical Jokers is an American hidden camera reality show with improvisational elements. Produced by NorthSouth Productions, Impractical Jokers premiered ...
Original release: December 15, 2011 –; present
Related shows: Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes; Impractical Jokers: After Party; The Misery Index
Executive producers: Charlie DeBevoise; Mark Hickman; Brian Quinn; James Murray; Sal Vulcano; Joe Gatto (Seasons 1–9); Pete ...
Production locations: New York; New Jersey
Rating (39,787)
Impractical Jokers: With James Murray, Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto. Q, Sal, Joe and Murr are real-life best friends who love challenging each other ...
Rating (63,409)
Watch #ImpracticalJokers anytime on the @trutv app. Starring James Murray, Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano! See all. Related Pages. See All. Just For Laughs.
impracticaljokersofficial ; salvulcano ˇ Sal Vulcano ; therealmurr ˇ James Murray ; bqquinn ˇ Brian Quinn ; joe_gatto ˇ Joe Gatto ; gatto_pups. Gatto Pups.
Jul 11, 2022 ˇ Impractical Jokers has been cranking out episodes since 2011. Each episode of the series consists of a handful of challenges, which revolve ...
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Oct 3, 2019 ˇ Watch Impractical Jokers All New Thursdays at 10/9c! #truTV #ImpracticalJokersSubscribe: http ...
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5 days ago ˇ Guest Star Brooke Shields gives Sal a reality check. Watch more Impractical Jokers on truTV ...
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