Its first two seasons aired from April 2003 to December 2004. After a hiatus, the show returned for a third season, beginning July 9, 2008. The first season of ...
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Rating (2,531)
Scare Tactics: Created by Scott Hallock, Kevin Healey. With Shannen Doherty, Lauren Ash, Sarah Colonna, Travis Draft. The show, just the latest in a string ...
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How many seasons does Scare Tactics have?
Scare Tactics / Number of seasons
Where can I watch Scare Tactics Season 3?
How to Watch Scare Tactics. Right now you can watch Scare Tactics on Netflix.
Is Scare Tactics still going?
Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey co-created “Scare Tactics,” a hidden camera show that ran for five seasons on Syfy from 2003 to 2013. According to the suit, the two had a falling out in 2011, which resulted in an agreement whereby Healey divested his interest in the show.
Does Netflix have Scare Tactics?
Secrets of Scare Tactics, the horror/prank show that's now on Netflix, uncensored. At midnight tonight, the 16-year-old hidden camera, horror-comedy prank show Scare Tactics is getting new life on Netflix, which may eventually order new episodes.
Jun 28, 2019
1. UFO Abduction 8.6 4 Apr. 2003 · 2. Bigfoot Attacks 9.2 4 Apr. 2003 · 3. Limo in Area 51 9.2 2 May 2003 · 4. Clone Attack 9.3 11 Apr. 2003 · 5. Meteor Man 9.3 25 ...
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Mar 12, 2022 · "Scare Tactics" is the first segment of the fifteenth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Ghost and Molly McGee.
11 Seasons · 2004 · Reality, Suspense, Other ; 13 Seasons · 2011 · Reality, Fantasy, Game Show, Other, Science Fiction ; 5 Seasons · 2007 · Documentary, Travel, Reality ...
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Scare Tactics Season 5 Episodes. 2003-2022; 5 Seasons; SyFy; Reality, Horror, Science Fiction; TVMA. Watchlist. Where to Watch.
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Jun 28, 2019 · Although the show aired six seasons and 119 episodes between 2002 and 2013 on Syfy (and originally on the Sci-Fi Channel), there's a lot I didn' ...
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MISSOULA — Janice Ardelle Smidt Sax entered heaven after a yearlong ... Helena does not want to be the poster child for scare tactic actions that cost ...
Oct 21, 2011 · Tracy, out of all the episodes of Scare Tactics you've done in the past two seasons, which one do you think would have scared you the most ...
Dec 6, 2021 · Steve Feinstein writes at the American Thinker about the future of government scare tactics linked to COVID-19. So, here we are again: A new ...