It-Girl Happened One Night

It-Girl Happened One Night

Gossip Girl: Season 4, Episode 15
With Russell Thorpe poised to make a takeover bid for Bass Industries, Chuck tries a last-ditch effort to keep the company. Meanwhile, Blair is given a tough task at the magazine with the chance for a possible promotion, and Serena is troubled by...
Air date: February 14, 2011
Writer: Alex McNally
Director: Bart Wenrich
Season number: 4
Episode number: 15
Feb 15, 2011 · Serena is wearing Ben's shirt as she complains Blair is never around. ... Wait, Gossip Girl spotted Raina and Chuck IN the Bass apartment?
Jan 9, 2013 - In honor of the show's return, here's a look back at Serena and Blair's most memorable outfits.
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21 'Gossip Girl' Style Moments We'll NEVER Forget | Her Campus. Because who could forget when Blair and Serena took Paris?
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Jul 2, 2021 · As we wait for the reboot premiere, we look back on the six original seasons, in all its high-society New York glory. Here are the best ...
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What was Georgina's Secret on Serena?
It is revealed that after Serena had sex with Nate at a wedding, Serena went to join Georgina and a boy named Pete Fairman at a hotel, who hid a video camera in the room to tape him and Serena having sex. Serena wasn't in the mood, though, and instead passed Pete a line of cocaine which he subsequently overdosed on.
Who is the secret blogger in Gossip Girl?
According to Safran – who worked as a writer and producer on the 2007 original – although Dan Humphrey (played by Penn Badgely) was ultimately unveiled as the elusive blogger voiced by Kristen Bell, his character wasn't originally intended to be Gossip Girl.
Who was the guest star on Gossip Girl?
"Gossip Girl" was a popular teen drama that ran for six seasons on The CW and featured appearances from several celebrities. Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, and Kristen Bell (who also narrated the series) are some famous faces who guest-starred on the "Gossip Girl."
Who was Roman on Gossip Girl?
Roman Garrel is one of the recurring characters in the television adaption of Gossip Girl in which he is portrayed by William Abadie. Roman, is the gay French model that Harold Waldorf left his wife Eleanor for.
Gossip Girl - Le massacre de la Saint-Valentin - B & S : joyeuse Saint-Valentin. Réalisé par Bart Wenrich. Comédie dramatique; 42 min; 2010; 6 saisons ...
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Find out where to watch Season 4 of Gossip Girl tonight. ... Episode 3 - S & B : Une clé pour deux ... Episode 15 - Le massacre de la St Valentin.