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Nb. d'épisodes: 16
Chaîne d'origine: NBC
Pays d'origine: États-Unis
The series is executive produced by Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw for Universal Television. In June 2021, the series was canceled after four seasons.
Aug 31, 2021 · Les épisodes 15 et 16 de la saison 4 de Good Girls ont été diffusés hier sur la chaîne américaine NBC. Alors, comment se termine la série ?
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Aug 31, 2021 · Lisez le paragraphe suivant pour savoir comment se termine la saison 4 de Good Girls sur Netflix ! En résumé : Good Girls 4 saison 4 final plot.
Jul 22, 2021 · 'Good Girls' finale recap: After being forced into a heist by the agents, Beth and Rio form an unlikely alliance with shocking consequences.
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What happened to Rio in good girls season4?
The final scene of the series sees her meeting with Rio on a park bench having abandoned her plans to move to Nevada. Now that she is on the city council and has survived Nick's attempt to have her arrested for Lucy's murder, she's put herself in a position of real power.
Aug 4, 2021
Why did Annie go to jail?
In the finale, Annie was taken away in cuffs, seemingly taking the fall for the gun which killed Lucy (Charlyne Yi). But would she remain imprisoned? We find it hard to believe that Beth would allow her sister to rot away in jail but it's definitely a loose end that would have been better off resolved.
What happens in the last episode of Good Girls?
July 22, 2021
Good Girls / Final episode date
Is there a season 5 of Good Girls?
In the 2020-21 season, a number of NBC shows were expected to be axed with one of the shows mentioned being Good Girls. While the opposite was true, it was reported in June 2021 that the show would not be returning.
Aug 4, 2021 · Good Girls came to an abrupt end with its fourth and final season. Here's how the Season 4 aka series finale played out.
Aug 31, 2021 · Après avoir préparé le terrain pour leur déménagement dans le Nevada, Beth, Ruby et Annie semblent prêtes à mettre enfin leur plan à exécution, ...
Aug 31, 2021 · La saison 4 de Good Girls, également la dernière de la série et ... Les scénaristes se lancent aussi dans une sorte de pseudo-analyse des ...
May 15, 2020 · Good Girls was renewed for a fourth season by NBC on May 15, 2020. It premiered on March 7, 2021. It is the final season of the series.
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Sep 4, 2021 · Good Girls Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. ... Members can play, pause and resume ...
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