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... to know the severity of OmiCon, Powell is certain it will be a problem (same guy who has had to redefine the meaning of "transitory" in recent months).
17 hours ago · Wait to keep feeding the fear. ... You mean the word that was redefined in order for the covid vaxx to fit the ... You know nothing, quit fear mongering!
19 hours ago · A later 11authority0 said Mokena is an Indian word meaning turtle. Harley Schinker for Mokena Village President ... Bullying, Arguing, and Fear Mongering.
17 hours ago · Just because Trump did it doesn't mean it's wrong ... Donald Trump's record of hysterical xenophobia and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science.
14 hours ago · Instead, they seem content to trade in the sort of threadbare fiction and populist fear-mongering that defined — and still animates — Trumpist economics.
12 hours ago · ... is nothing to worry about, and that those of us who are wary about people going back out into the public are a bunch of fear-mongering worry warts.
14 hours ago · Dilapidated health systems mean a lack of clinics or qualified personnel to ... As fear of the new variant spreads, the sense of urgency around such ...
5 hours ago · 30 November 2021. A series of fear-mongering videos were circulated on social media with unsubstantiated and false claims. Fact Check.
14 hours ago · That people use fear-mongering of losing the human race shows this is still ... Several people point out, correctly, that what people may mean when they say ...
13 hours ago · That's not fear mongering or exaggeration. It's just extrapolating the ... You might not be there yet, but that does not mean you will not get there too.