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Nov 11, 2021 · Explorer 1 was the first satellite launched by the United States and was part of the U.S. participation in the International Geophysical Year .

Explorer program: Explorer 2 →
Spacecraft properties: SpacecraftExplorer IManufacturerJet Propulsion LaboratoryLaunch mass13.97 kg (30.8 lb)Dimensions203 ...
Spacecraft: Explorer I
Launch date: 1 February 1958, 03:47:56 GMT
People also ask
Is Explorer 1 still working?
Explorer 1 stopped transmission of data on 23 May 1958, when its batteries died, but remained in orbit for more than 12 years.
What was Explorer 1 and why is it important?
Explorer 1 became the first successfully launched satellite by the United States when it was sent to space on January 31, 1958. A quick response to the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik 1, Explorer 1's success marked the beginning of the U.S. Space Age.
How much did it cost to launch Explorer 1?
It was sent out into space to orbit earth. What is/was the Mission budget? Explorer missions are large craft that are, by definition, not to exceed a cost of $200 million for development, launch services, and mission operations and data analysis, exclusive of the launch vehicle.
Dec 11, 2017
Who assembled Explorer 1?
Explorer 1 was launched in quick response by the U.S. It was designed and built in under three months at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) by a team led by William Hayward Pickering.
Jan 31, 2020
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6 days ago · High Energy Transient Explorer 1 (HETE-1) was a NASA astronomical satellite with international participation (mainly Japan and France).

Mission duration: 18 months (planned); Failed on orbit
Launch date: 4 November 1996, 17:08:56 UTC
Launch mass: 128 kg (282 lb)
Decay date: 7 April 2002
Nov 18, 2021 · Explorer 52, also known as Hawkeye-1, Injun-F, Neutral Point Explorer, IE-D, Ionospheric Explorer-D, was a NASA satellite launched on 3 June 1974, from ...
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