Wood chats with EW (spoiler-free) about 'Westworld' season 3, which premieres Sunday night on HBO, as well explains her viral 'Cats' review.
Posted: Mar 12, 2020
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Is Evan Rachel Wood coming back to Westworld?
While Wood has said she does want to return - and it's extremely unlikely she won't, since this is all her story - we still haven't seen any confirmation that she or anyone else is back, beyond Wright.
Will Dolores be in season 4 of Westworld?
There's some new behind-the-scenes footage out there from Westworld season 4 that shows Dolores back in action. Despite season 3's ending, we know that everyone's favorite android host couldn't be gone for long.
Is Dolores coming back in season 4?
Welp, wouldn't you know it! Westworld has taken its talents to New York City, and Dolores is already back. ... Photos also show Hale enjoying the city, so it's possible that the robots are visiting Delos offices in the Big Apple.
Is there a season 4 of Westworld?
The HBO-proper slate for 2022 mostly notably includes the return of Westworld, with season 4 picking back up with Aaron Paul's petty thief character. The video also confirms a 2022 release for the third season of Bill Hader's Barry, as well as new seasons of His Dark Materials and The Nevers.
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Her three-season transformation has been endlessly compelling, and undoubtedly the driving force behind the at times overly complicated series.
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