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Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth was born in Mayfair, London, as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York. Her father ascended the throne in 1936 upon the abdication of his brother,... Wikipedia
Born: April 21, 1926 (age 95 years), Mayfair, London, United Kingdom
Full name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
Height: 5′ 4″
Spouse: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (m. 1947–2021)
For other uses, see Elizabeth II (disambiguation). ... Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) is Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other ...
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Why is Queen Elizabeth II so popular?
Extremely popular for nearly all of her long reign, the queen is known for taking a serious interest in government and political affairs, apart from her ceremonial duties, and is credited with modernizing many aspects of the monarchy.
How many babies did Queen Elizabeth II have?
Elizabeth II
Issue Detail
Charles, Prince of Wales Anne, Princess Royal Prince Andrew, Duke of York Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
Names Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
George VI
Who was Queen Elizabeth 2 in love with?
When it comes to love stories, the tale of Princess Elizabeth falling head-over-heels for strapping soldier, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, is worthy of its own Disney film. It's one that goes back to the Thirties, spanning over 70 years making Philip the longest-serving royal consort in British history.
How old was the queen when she became queen?
Princess Elizabeth was the eldest of the King's daughters and was next in line to succeed him. She immediately acceded to the throne and became Queen Elizabeth II, taking on all the responsibilities that came with the title, at age 25.
Elizabeth II, queen of the United Kingdom from February 6, 1952, the longest-reigning monarch in British history. She is known to favor simplicity in court ...

Date of birth: April 21, 1926
Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history. Find out more about The Queen's life and reign.
Find out more about the life and work of Her Majesty The Queen... News. Royal Tour to Jordan and Egypt.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, elder daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth was born in London on 21st April 1926. After the abdication of Edward ...
Nov 16, 2021 · Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving British monarch in history, having ascended to the throne in 1952 at age twenty-five. She is also the ...
5 days ago · Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of fourteen countries in addition to the United Kingdom. Barbados's transition to a republic has revived ...
Queen Elizabeth II was born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21, 1926, in London, to Prince Albert, Duke of York (later known as King George VI), and ...

Siblings: Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon