Egon Tiedemann is the father of Claudia Tiedemann, the husband of Doris Tiedemann, and the Chief Inspector of Winden Police.
Date of Death: June 26, 1987
Season Two: An old man who hates a teen named Ulrich Nielsen
Season One: An old man who is a police officer who died several years ago
Season Three: A man who's finding out he was the one who killed helge dopler who's alive
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Egon Tiedemann is the father of Claudia Tiedemann, husband to Doris Tiedemann, and a member of Erit Lux.
Date of Birth: 1922
Last Appearance: Light and Shadow
Family: Doris Tiedemann (wife); Hannah Nielsen (lover); Claudia Tiedemann † (daughter); Silja Tiedemann (daughter); Regina T...
15. Egon Tiedemann. Season 1: In 1953, Egon (Sebastian Hülk) is trying to make a name for himself as a cop by solving the murders of two young boys, as well as ...
The following is a list of fictional characters from Dark, a German science fiction thriller ... Tiedemann / Boris Niewald; 2.4.4 Claudia Tiedemann; 2.4.5 Egon Tiedemann ...
"Dark" Der Ursprung (TV Episode 2020) Sebastian Hülk as Adult Egon Tiedemann.
Dark (TV Series 2017–2020) Christian Pätzold as Egon Tiedemann 1986, Egon Tiedemann 1987, Old Egon Tiedemann.
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