Egon Tiedemann is the father of Claudia Tiedemann, the husband of Doris Tiedemann, and the Chief Inspector of Winden Police. Biography · Background · 1954 · 1987 Family: Doris Tiedemann † (ex-wife); Hannah Kahnwald † (affair); Claudia Tiedemann † (daughter); Silja Tiedemann † (daughter... Died: June 26, 1987 Last Appearance: Between the Time First Appearance: Past and Present
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Egon Tiedemann is the father of Claudia Tiedemann, husband to Doris Tiedemann, and a member of Erit Lux. Born: 1922 Family: Doris Tiedemann (wife); Hannah Nielsen (lover); Claudia Tiedemann † (daughter); Silja Tiedemann (daughter); Regina T...
History. Egon Tiedemann was born in 1922. ... He met Doris Tiedemann and the two had a daughter, Claudia, in 1942. They later married. Egon became a police  ... History · Residence
Egon Tiedemann is the father of Claudia Doppler, husband to Doris Tiedemann, and a resident of Winden in the Original World. History. Born: 1920s Family: Doris Tiedemann (wife); Claudia Doppler (daughter); Bernd Doppler(son-in-law); Regina Doppler(granddaughter)
15. Egon Tiedemann. Season 1: In 1953, Egon (Sebastian Hülk) is trying to make a name for himself as a cop by solving the murders of two young boys, as well as  ...
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Egon Tiedemann (portrayed by Christian Pätzold) is the father of Claudia and Silja Tiedemann, the (ex-)husband of Doris Tiedemann and a police chief inspector.
Claudia Tiedemann 1987 / ... 14 episodes, 2017- ... Egon Tiedemann 1986 / ... 12 episodes, 2017- ... Lissy Pernthaler ... Adult Silja Tiedemann 1 episode, 2020.
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