The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco houses one of the most comprehensive Asian art collections in the world. Exhibitions · Visit · Tickets · Sunday at the Museum
The only UK museum solely dedicated to the arts and cultures of East and South East Asia, with collections representing more than 7000 years of artistry and ... Explore the Collections · About · Visit · What's on
The Cincinnati Art Museum houses one of the oldest Asian art collections in the United States, representing the diverse cultures of India, China, Japan, ...
Representing more than 4,500 years of visual history, VMFA's East Asian collection features paintings, prints, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, metalwork, ...
The Met's collection of Asian art—more than 35,000 objects, ranging in date from the third millennium B.C. to the twenty-first century—is one of the largest and ...
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Where is the Asian art Museum?
Location within San Francisco County
37.780276°N 122.416577°WCoordinates:37.780276°N 122.416577°W
Asian art
Building (1917): George Kelham Museum interior (2003): Gae Aulenti
What are the arts and crafts in East Asia?
For detailed coverage of the visual art of East Asia, see Chinese art; Chinese bronzes; Chinese calligraphy; Chinese jade; Chinese lacquerwork; Chinese painting; Chinese pottery; Japanese art; Japanese calligraphy; Japanese pottery; Korean art; Korean calligraphy; and Korean pottery.
When did the Asian art Museum open?
March 20, 2003
Asian Art Museum / Opened
What's unique about East Asian arts?
Without arbitrary divisions separating the arts, East Asia has developed exceptionally complex artistic forms possessing extraordinary richness and subtlety. Dance may be dramatic or nondramatic; in all traditional theatre forms some elements of dance will be found.
The Museum of East Asian Art or MEAA is in Bennett Street, Bath, Somerset, England. Just a few metres off The Circus in central Bath, the Museum of East ... Curator: Michel Lee
The Museum has a growing collection of Japanese art, with works ranging from Jōmon to modern period ceramics, Heian and Kamakura period sculpture, as well as ...
May 24, 2021 · The Harvard Art Museum is one of the world's leading arts institutions, ... the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.
1400 East Prospect Street, Seattle, WA 98112. 206.654.3210 & TTY 206.344.5267. COVID-19 Update The Seattle Asian Art Museum is reopened and in compliance ... Seniors (65+): $10 Children 14 & Under: FREE
The East-Asian Art Collection presents a sweeping overview of the art of China, Japan, and Korea, each displayed in their own galleries and a study ...