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Dimension 20 / Cast
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Brennan Lee Mulligan (DM) · Emily Axford · Zac Oyama · Siobhan Thompson · Lou Wilson · Ally Beardsley · Brian "Murph" Murphy.
People also ask
Is fantasy high scripted?
High quality improvisation, description, and narration Similar to other campaigns that are also made up of professional actors, the storytelling and improvisation (CollegeHumor's forte), is so spot on that the show almost seems scripted.
Does the Dimension 20 cast live together?
In Part 1 of the Dimension 20 Live Fireside Chat, it was revealed that the entire D20 cast are living in different rooms in Emily and Murph's eccentric mansion, which contains amongst others, a selection of bathrooms, a ballroom, an arts and crafts room, a basement, a sub-basement, and a 'book well'.
Is dimension 20 live on dropout?
Campaign Order The first four episodes of Dimension 20 LIVE are currently available to watch for free on Dimension 20's YouTube channel. The full season of Dimension 20 LIVE can be viewed on CollegeHumor's streaming service Dropout.
Is Brennan Lee Mulligan married?
On January 21, 2021, Mulligan announced his engagement to his fiancée—Izzy Roland—via Instagram.
Figueroth "Fig" Faeth, played by Emily Axford · Gorgug Thistlespring, played by Zac Oyama · Adaine Abernant, played by Siobhan Thompson · Fabian Aramaris ... Characters · Player Characters · NPCs · Antagonists
Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan returns for an evil side quest, and this time, the villains are the heroes. Featuring an all-new cast of familiar faces, ESCAPE ...
Rating (195)
Top Series Cast · Brennan Lee Mulligan. Game Master. (46 episodes, 2018-2020 ) · Emily Axford. Sofia Bicicleta. (34 episodes, 2018-2019) · Ally Beardsley. Peter  ...
Dimension 20 (TV Series 2018– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
Dimension 20 usually features its main cast as players (Ally Beardsley, Emily Axford, Lou Wilson, Brian Murphy, Zac Oyama, and Siobhan Thompson), but for ...
Want to get into Dimension 20 but don't know where to start? Have a ... Run the official Dimension 20 account and need a new pinned tweet explaining everything? ✨ ... Game Master: Aabria Iyengar (@quiddie) Cast: -Lou Wilson - Erika Ishii ...
Jul 8, 2019 · 'Dimension 20' Season 3: Meet the D&D Cast of "Unsleeping City" (Exclusive) · Sofia Bicicleta (Emily Axford) — Hair Dresser, Drunken Master ...
What I'd like in a future Dimension 20 cast. Thanks to Mice and Murder we now know that main quest players can be in sidequests. This offers interesting ...