Dimension 20 LIVE is Dimension 20's only livestreamed season. It was released in fall of 2019 with 20 episodes. Episodes were streamed on Twitch every...
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Where can I watch the rest of dimension 20 live?
The first six episodes of Dimension 20 LIVE are currently available to watch for free on Dimension 20's YouTube channel. The full season of Dimension 20 LIVE can be viewed on CollegeHumor's streaming service Dropout.
Is Dimension 20 still going?
The season concluded with a two-part finale titled “Spring Break! ... Through social media, the Dimension 20 team confirmed that they have plans to continue the story of “The Bad Kids” with a third season in the Fantasy High series. In January 2020, major layoffs took place at CollegeHumor, including much of the cast.
How many episodes of Dimension 20 are there?
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How many episodes of Unsleeping city are there?
The Unsleeping City is the 3rd season and 2nd Main Quest of Dimension 20. It was released in summer of 2019 every Wednesday at 3am Eastern with a total of 17 episodes. It was later released on YouTube to view for free on the one year anniversary of its finale.
The Unsleeping City [Full Episodes] Play all ... All of The Unsleeping City is coming to Dimension 20's Youtube channel! New full episodes upload every Friday!
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Video for Dimension 20 Live full episodes
Apr 4, 2020 Watch dropoutlive's clip titled "Dimension 20 Live! Sophomore Year at Fantasy High: Episode ...
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Show Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Game Show (11 seasons, 118 episodes) created in 2018 on YouTube, with Aabria Iyengar (Antiope Jones),...
Only three more episodes of Dimension 20 Live: Fantasy High. Beginning tonight on – the last three episodes of Dimension 20 […].
Episodes of Fantasy High: Sophomore Year were streamed live on Twitch, as opposed to pre-recorded, edited, and uploaded to YouTube. The season concluded with a...
Dimension 20 LIVE is a 150 minute adventure-comedy-fantasy-game show starring Emily Axford as Fig Faeth, Ally Beardsley as Kristen Applebees and Brian K.
Led by Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, each season of Dimension 20 will ... Sign up for for the full experience! ... Show 10 More Episodes.