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6 days ago · I wouldn't be surprised to see the main cast and the physical Perry battle-sets come back together. ... r/Dimension20 - I made a Fantasy High wallpaper.
6 days ago · I was really hoping for a main cast season in space since I saw that idea pitched by someone yesterday. ... r/Dimension20 - I made a Fantasy High wallpaper.
In all my search, BDG hasn't appeared in any actual plays or College Humor productions before Fantasy High Live in Brooklyn. 680 votes.
6 days ago · What a great cast! and the bit with the fans killed me. ... r/Dimension20 - I made a Fantasy High wallpaper. 712. 16 Share. u/CanYouSeeAllTheDucks avatar ...
There's a few pre-existing relationships in the Pirates cast, but I feel like if everyone had been able ... r/Dimension20 - I made a Fantasy High wallpaper.
20 hours ago · I have this image saved on my phone, patiently waiting for one of my friends to finally take my advice and watch fantasy high so I can use it. Someday.
3 days ago · I started out with Fantasy High - and it hooked me in for the rest. It was a great intro to the main cast (since it's the first season) and I love the ...
6 days ago · r/Dimension20 - New Season Reveal Thread. This post is marked as a spoiler. Show Post? ... of Spyre as an apparent spin-off of Fantasy High. . The cast:.
5 days ago · Dimension 20 and Critical Role have vastly different approaches to how the cast learn about each other's characters. The Critical Role team keep most of the ...