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What happened to Digital Spy?
On 22 March 2021 Digital Spy announced on its site that they would be closing their non-entertainment related discussion forums such as Politics and General Discussion forums and mainly retaining Film, Entertainment and Television based ones that same week in an effort to refocus its website, no confirmed date was ...
WHO publishes Digital Spy?
Digital Spy is owned by Hearst Magzine UK. The publisher of titles including Elle, Sugarscape, Red, Inside Soap, Cosmopolitan and Esquire acquired Digital Spy in April 2008 from three co-founding partners, Neil Wilkes, James Welsh and Alan Jay.
Is Digital Spy website safe?
Created by fans, for fans, Digital Spy is the trusted source for everything entertainment. Digital Spy fans are super engaged, with more than a third visiting the site 50 times a month or more to check out breaking news, reviews, original videos and A-list interviews.
How do I write a Digital Spy?
News. If you're a journalist with an exclusive you'd like to pitch, or you know something that you think Digital Spy readers would like to know too, drop our News Editor Catherine Earp a line at
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Posted: Apr 11, 2019
Mar 21, 2015 - The latest showbiz news, pictures, interviews and more from Digital Spy.
Mar 23, 2021 Digital Spy forums to remove Politics, Showbiz and General discussions forums General Chat.
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