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28 minutes ago · presume · is a synonym of assume. verb [ pri-zoom ] · is another word for assume · See all synonyms for assume ; captivating · is a synonym of charming. adjective [ ...
24 hours ago · TO MAKE DIFFERENT. She'll always be like that - you can't change her. Synonyms and examples. alter. We've had to alter our plans.
10 hours ago · Learn about all of the different synonyms for cannabis in our vocabulary archive. ) learn, notice, perceive, realize, recognize, see, undergo, understand 2 ...
10 hours ago · A synonym is a phrase or a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. There are many diverse influences on ...
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11 hours ago · Other Words from incorporate Synonyms Did you know? ... a diet that incorporates many different fruits and vegetables The company was incorporated in 1981.
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