Derek Hale

Fictional character
Sister: Laura Hale
TV show: Teen Wolf
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Does Derek Hale have a love interest?
Derek Hale is a werewolf by birth. Derek lived in Beacon Hills with his family, a pack of both werewolves and humans, and his mother Talia Hale was the alpha werewolf. When he was 15, Derek fell in love with a girl named Paige.
How does Derek Hale die?
(Read More...) Derek travels to Mexico and tries but fails to help Liam control his shift on the full moon. He is mortally wounded in a fight with a Berserker and apparently dies for a little while. He reemerges with the ability to shift fully into wolf form and manages to seriously wound Kate.
Who does Derek Hale end up with?
According to Meagan Tandy and Tyler Hoechlin, the actors who play Braeden and Derek, respectively, the two characters are still happily in a relationship.
Is Derek Hale good or bad?
In hindsight, we now know he was a little misguided, but he was never a bad guy. That title is reserved for his uncle, Peter Hale, who was the Big Bad of the show's premiere season (and continued to be a thorn in everyone's side). ... By the time season 2 rolled around, Derek was an Alpha, and he began to build his pack.
He is the son of the renowned Evolved Alpha Werewolf Talia Hale and an unnamed father, and is also the younger brother of Laura Hale, the older brother of Cora ... Hale Pack · Derek and Braeden · Braeden · Paige Krasikeva Relationships: Paige Krasikeva † (Late Girlfriend)Kate Argent (Ex-Girlfriend); Erica Reyes † (Kissed); Jennifer Blake † (Ex-Girlfrie... Date Turned: November 7, 1988 (As a Werewolf) (At birth): Pre 2004 (Powers activated); February 2012 (As an Evolved Werewolf) ... Status: Alive (Resurrected) Cause of Death: Stabbed in the chest repeatedly with Berserker claws
At the end of Season 4, Derek is killed by a berserker, but is reborn as an evolved werewolf with the ability to transform into a full wolf, the most powerful ...
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Coincidentally (or maybe not), he comes back right at the same time that animal attacks start around that town, and Scott McCall gets bitten by a werewolf.
Dec 19, 2020 · Teen Wolf's Derek Hale has been on the most drastic journey of all of our favorite characters. And this just makes us love him even more.