Derek Hale

Fictional character
Last Appearance: The Wolves of War
First Appearance: Wolf Moon
Status: Evolved Werewolf
TV show: Teen Wolf
Love interest: Paige

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Derek S. Hale is a former main character (from Seasons 1 through 4) and a current guest character in the second half of Season 6 in Teen Wolf. He is the son of ... Derek and Braeden · Derek and Stiles · Braeden · Paige Krasikeva Relationships: Paige Krasikeva † (Late Girlfriend)Kate Argent (Ex-Girlfriend); Erica Reyes † (Kissed); Jennifer Blake † (Ex-Girlfrie... Date Turned: November 7, 1988 (As a Werewolf) (At birth): Pre 2004 (Powers activated); February 2012 (As an Evolved Werewolf) ... Status: Alive (Resurrected) Cause of Death: Stabbed in the chest repeatedly with Berserker claws
At the end of Season 4, Derek is killed by a berserker, but is reborn as an evolved werewolf with the ability to transform into a full wolf, the most powerful ...
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Everyone in Beacon Hills probably knew that Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski belonged together, but no one knew it better than their Pack. This is Stiles and Derek ...
Coincidentally (or maybe not), he comes back right at the same time that animal attacks start around that town, and Scott McCall gets bitten by a werewolf. Living …
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