30 Rock: Season 1, Episode 20
Floyd asks Liz to move to Cleveland with him, while Tracy fears his career is being ruined by a group of powerful African Americans led by Bill Cosby.
Show: 30 Rock
Episode no: Season 1; Episode 20
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Jul 7, 2017 · Is Liz ready to trade New York for Cleveland?Stream full seasons on Peacock: ...
Duration: 1:35
Posted: Jul 7, 2017
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Who sang the Cleveland song in 30 Rock?
Directed by
Paul Feig
Written by
Jack Burditt Robert Carlock
Featured music
"Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner, is Liz's ringtone.
When was Jason Sudeikis on 30 Rock?
The episode originally aired on NBC in the United States on March 25, 2010. Cheyenne Jackson, Kristin McGee, and Jason Sudeikis guest star in this episode, and there are cameo appearances by Kathie Lee Gifford, Lester Holt, Hoda Kotb, and Meredith Vieira.
Why is John McEnroe in 30 Rock?
Former professional tennis player John McEnroe played himself in this episode as he is a guest at Gavin's dinner party, and represents art collecting and yelling. McEnroe first appeared in the January 18, 2007, 30 Rock episode "The Head and the Hair" as the host of a game show.
Is 30 Rock inspired by SNL?
Conception. In 2002, Fey was the head writer and a performer on the television show Saturday Night Live (SNL). She pitched the show that became 30 Rock to NBC, originally as a sitcom about cable news.
"Cleveland" is the twentieth episode of the first season of 30 Rock. It was written by one of the season's co-executive producers, Jack Burditt, ...
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Liz considers moving to Cleveland with her new boyfriend, Tracy thinks the "Black Crusaders" are after him for playing negative black stereotypes, ...
Cast (31) · Tina Fey · Tracy Morgan · Jane Krakowski · Jack McBrayer · Scott Adsit · Judah Friedlander · Alec Baldwin · Emily Mortimer.
Starring · Jane Krakowski - Jenna Maroney · Alec Baldwin - Jack Donaghy · Tina Fey - Liz Lemon · Tracy Morgan - Tracy Jordan · Jack McBrayer - Kenneth Parcell · Judah ...
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Apr 19, 2007 · Watch 30 Rock highlight 'Cleveland' on
Posted: Apr 19, 2007
Nov 18, 2014 · It doesn't have to be Cleveland. It could be any number of other destinations referenced in the penultimate episode of 30 Rock's first ...
Jack: Where have you been? ; Liz: Cleveland. ; Jack. For God's sakes, Lemon. We'd all like to flee to the Cleve and club-hop down at the Flats and have lunch with ...
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