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Many lengthy examples of chronograms can be found in Germany and the countries that had been part of the Holy Roman Empire, such as Austria and Czechia, or ... Roman numerals · Hebrew numerals · In epitaphs · In books
Feb 19, 2019 · Acrostics, rebuses and pattern poems are all examples of this. Another is the chronogram. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a chronogram ...

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How do you write a Chronogram?
In the pure chronogram each word contains a numeral; the natural chronogram shows all numerals in the correct numerical order, e.g. AMORE MATVRITAS = MMVI = 2006. Chronograms in versification are referred to as chronosticha if they are written in hexameter and chronodisticha if they are written in distich.
What does Chronogram mean?
: an inscription, sentence, or phrase in which certain letters express a date or epoch.
Chronogram An inscription in which certain numeral letters, made to appear specially conspicuous, on being added together, express a particular date or epoch, ...
The first known use of chronogram was in 1621. See more words ... Britannica. com: Encyclopedia article about chronogram ... See Definitions and Examples ».
Many lengthy examples of chronograms can be found in Germany, notably in and around the town of Bad Salzuflen. These commemorate the building of houses in  ...
Apr 14, 2008 · A chronogram is a sentence or inscription in which specific letters (M,D,C,L,X,V ... Most of what has been written about cartographic examples, ...
Chronogram definition, an inscription in which certain Roman numeral letters express a date or epoch on being added together by their values. See more.
Here are a few examples for practice. Example one: Ghalib composed a chronogram for his own death: ġhālib murd , "Ghalib died." The phrase stands for the ...
Chronogram definition: a phrase or inscription in which letters such as M , C , X , L , and V can be read as... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
Chronogram is a chronicling of current events based on news articles through poetry. ... The chronogram would be a phrase containing the letters,,,,,, and. ... in a sentence and examples? chronogram造句, chronogram造句, 用chronogram 造句, ...