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3 days ago · Local magazine featuring everything you need to know about the arts, culture, & spirit of the Hudson Valley including events, food reviews, & local businesses.
Missing: evolution | Must include:evolution
3 days ago · As the longtime local watering hole, the Lantern's fare has evolved from microwaved bar bites to farm-to-table fare in the eight years since the founders of the ...
5 days ago · Chronogram of cephalopods, plus 26 bivalve and gastropod molluscs, one scaphopod and four annelids 1. Based on their evolutionary history, Actinopterygians ...
2 days ago · PDF | Although the high degree of non-monophyly and parallel evolution has long been ... Maximum clade credibility chronogram for Caliciaceae– Physciaceae.
3 days ago · Dated species trees (chronograms or timetrees, in which branch lengths are measured in units of geological time) are used in all areas of evolutionary biology .
4 days ago · The chronogram from BEAST suggested that Anthocerotibacter diverged from Candidatus Aurora at around 374.74 mya (95% highest posterior density [HPD]: ...
2 days ago · chronogram -- to see the evolution of signals in your circuit · electronic board integration -- schematics can now be simulated on real hardware! · board editor -- to ...
4 days ago · Except for Lassa virus, knowledge of OW arenavirus diversity, evolution and involvement in ... The final chronogram was generated using TreeAnnotator v1. 10.4.
2 days ago · Chronogram of Myrtales based on complete chloroplast genomes sequences ... diversity and species evolution of Myrtales, while providing useful information for  ...
3 days ago · As our knowledge of phylogeography, historical geology and evolutionary processes of the Mesoamerican fauna has increased, the view of Mesoamerica ...