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3 days ago We all know that a great screenplay is the backbone of a great movie. You almost never have a great film without a great script, some documentaries and...
2 days ago Bos and Thureen wrote the script, interpolating some of Everett's real ... and a star of Amazon's “Transparent” — shot the pilot in October 2019, mostly in...
5 days ago So what were the conversations like about how to keep the franchise fresh for modern film fans, not just in the script, but on screen? Advertisement.
3 days ago The action, particularly at the end of the pilot and later in episode three, is crunchy and nasty in a way The Suicide Squad's action wasn't... until it got...
3 days ago ... the process of making Belle throughout the covid-19 pandemic, and how he sees the evolution of the internet itself. Check out the full transcript below.
2 days ago She reported the episode to a school administrator and was reprimanded for “making up such an egregious claim,” she said. Her punishment: She was wrapped in...
3 days ago I also just recently finished cutting the pilot plus an episode on the limited series, Hot Zone: Anthrax which is about the 2001 anthrax attacks.
3 days ago In the show's third episode, titled “Meat Kaleidoscope,” two men lumber toward each other and lock into a long, grappling embrace.
2 days ago On episode #1757 of JRE, Rogan invited a virologist named Dr. Robert Malone to inform listeners that public health responses to the coronavirus,...
2 days ago ... reckless drivers, racing,” Garcia said. Windcrest is the first city to pilot the program, although it might expand to other cities in the future.