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Candid Camera: With Allen Funt, Durward Kirby, Sid Raymond, Dorothy Collins. Unsuspecting people are placed in confusing, impossible, embarrassing, ...
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Candid Camera: Created by Allen Funt. With Peter Dulay, Arthur Atkins, Sheila Bernette, Bill Lynton. The UK version of Candid Camera came British TV's in ...
Candid Camera is a popular and long-running American hidden camera reality television series ... A British version of Candid Camera began in 1960 and ran for seven years.
No. of episodes: 1,000+
Camera setup: Single camera
Original network: ABC (1948–49); NBC (1949–51); Syndication (1951–54); NBC (1954–59); CBS (1959–67); ABC (1974); Syndi...
Original release: Original version: 1948–54; 1960 version: 1960–67; The New Candid Camera: 1974–79; The Candid Camera S...
People also ask
When did Candid Camera start?
August 10, 1948
Candid Camera / First episode date
Where can I watch the original Candid Camera?
Who was the first presenter of Candid Camera?
It was initially presented by David Nixon or Bob Monkhouse and featured Jonathan Routh and Arthur Atkins as pranksters. The show briefly returned in 1974, hosted by Peter Dulay, with Arthur Atkins and Sheila Bernette.
When was the last episode of Candid Camera?
Candid Camera / Final episode date
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Smile, You're on the Candid Camera Web site - This is the official web site for television's most watched reality show. Hosted by Peter Funt and Dina ...
Candid Camera was a hidden camera television series created and produced by Allen Funt, which initially began on radio as Candid Microphone June 28, 1947.