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(of a place) full of activity.
"the bustling little town"
synonyms: busy, crowded, swarming, teeming, full, astir, buzzing, hectic, lively, vibrant, thronging, thronged, energetic, active, buzzy, heaving, like Piccadilly Circus

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The meaning of BUSTLING is full of lively activity : busily astir. How to use bustling in a sentence.
The meaning of BUSTLE is to move briskly and often ostentatiously. ... 2 : to be busily astir : teem The house was bustling with activity. bustle.
3 days ago · If a place is bustling, it is full of busy activity: This used to be a bustling town but a lot of people have moved away over recent years. The ...
Bustling definition, moving or acting with a great show of energy:I watched her preparing lunch in the kitchen—a compact, bustling woman of around forty ...
bustlingbus‧tling /ˈbʌsəlɪŋ/ adjective ; BUSY PLACEa bustling place is very busybustling with somebody/something The flower market was bustling with shoppers.
bustle in American English 1 · 1. (often fol. by about). to move or act with a great show of energy. He bustled about cooking breakfast · 2. (often fol. by with).
Busy; full of energy and noisy activity. TranslationsEdit. show ▽full of noisy activity. Finnish: touhukas ...
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