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Every Black Mirror episode serves as a critical interpretation of society and ... Mirror episodes have romance, it seems that the couple in "Hang the DJ"...
4 weeks ago
Hang the DJ – series four, episode four. This twisted romcom introduced us to a dating app that guaranteed perfect compatibility, but also told you when your...
5 months ago
Georgina Campbell, saddled with a plot nowhere near the terrific “Hang the DJ” episode of "Black Mirror," plays financial adviser Natalie Thompson,...
3 months ago
'Hang the DJ' isn't on this list! 5-Best-Episodes-of-Black-Mirror. Before the successes...
6 months ago
'Hang the DJ' is my favourite Black Mirror episode, and I cannot recommend it enough. Be Right Back – Zara Abouharb. 'Be Right Back' is a Black Mirror episode...
3 months ago
Black Mirror's episode "Hang the DJ" is about a dating app that finds the best match for a person by pairing them with a variety of different people.
2 months ago
"Hang The DJ" (Series 4, Episode 4). Joe Cole and Georgina Campbell in Black Mirror,. Set in a world where every...
2 months ago
5 Hang The DJ — The Simulated Reality Inside A Dating App. Black Mirror — Hang the DJ. An AI known as "Coach" pairs Frank...
8 months ago
Existen episodios de Black Mirror mediocres y otros que darían para una tesis ... Junto con Hang the DJ, forma el dúo de episodios optimistas de la serie,...
4 days ago
Aries- “Black Museum” · Taurus- “The Entire History of You” · Gemini- “Hang The DJ” · Cancer- “Nosedive” · Leo- “The Waldo Moment” · Virgo- “Playtest” · Libra- “...
2 months ago