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Mar 16, 2020 ˇ Better Call Saul season 5 finally shows us how Bob Odenkirk transforms from Jimmy McGill into ...Duration: 12:59
Posted: Mar 16, 2020
Bob Odenkirk will reprise his iconic role as Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman / Gene Takavic. He will star alongside main players Rhea Seehorn as Kim ...Posted: Jul 28, 2021
Sep 8, 2021 ˇ Which cast members are returning? Obviously, Bob Odenkirk will be returning for the last season to play Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman. Breaking ...
The Better Call Saul just executed another run of 10 great episodes, cementing this as one of the strongest seasons of the show yet.
So let's get to it and break down what we know about the Better Call Saul season 6 release date, cast, and story.Posted: Sep 12, 2021
The seven nominated cast members for “Better Call Saul” Season 5 are: Jonathan Banks, Tony Dalton, Giancarlo Esposito, Patrick Fabian, Michael ...Posted: Mar 29, 2021
Jun 25, 2021 ˇ Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far. Jimmy 'Saul Goodman' McGill scowling AMC.
Apr 23, 2020 ˇ Who's in the cast of Better Call Saul season 5 on Netflix? ˇ Bob Odenkirk - (Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman ) ˇ Jonathan Banks - (Mike Ehrmantraut).
Apr 30, 2021 ˇ Better Call Saul season 6 cast ... Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, and Jonathan Banks will return as Jimmy aka Saul Goodman, Kim, and Mike. We'll also ...
Better Call Saul. Jimmy McGill's decision to practice law as Saul Goodman creates unexpected changes for those in his orbit.