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2 days ago ˇ Better Call Saul midseason finale recap: Mediation, missing pieces, and monsters at the door. Jimmy and Kim take aim at Howard as their plan comes to fruition.
2 days ago ˇ 'Better Call Saul' showrunner Peter Gould discusses the plan and the execution in 'Plan and Execution.'
8 hours ago ˇ The midseason finale of Better Call Saul left us with plenty to discuss. Read on to see our Season 6 Episode 7 recap, theories, and thoughts on the episode.
6 days ago ˇ As we prepare for the final season of “Better Call Saul,” here are the 25 best episodes of the show ranked. ... “Something Beautiful”. “Something Beautiful”.
2 days ago ˇ Patrick did such a beautiful job of that very complicated journey his character has to go on in this episode and the one before where … you know, that place we' ...
People also ask
What is the point of Cinnabon in Better Call Saul?
The fact that Saul Goodman is spending his time after Breaking Bad managing a Cinnabon in Omaha is a direct callback to the final conversation had between Saul and Walter White before they parted ways for good.
Jul 11, 2020
What is the moral of Better Call Saul?
In the worlds of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, there is an implication that characters should practice moral hygiene. It is hard to be a good person. It takes steady work. It is a consistent and ongoing process.
Apr 11, 2022
Who is the Cinnabon guy in Better Call Saul?
This includes Saul Goodman's post-Breaking Bad alter ego, Gene Takavic. No longer the well-meaning Jimmy McGill or the fast-talking Saul Goodman, Gene is the mild-mannered manager of a Cinnabon in an Omaha shopping mall.
Sep 9, 2020
Why does Saul Goodman wear a ring?
But it's important to Saul. The pinky ring belonged to his old friend, Marco. It was given to him at the funeral by Marco's mother.
2 days ago ˇ Patrick Fabian, who plays Howard Hamlin on AMC's Better Call Saul breaks down ... and so I wonder if being married that long, maybe that was something that ...
24 hours ago ˇ A major moment went down on the midseason finale of Better Call Saul that was ... Beautiful acting on display, doesn’t get better #bettercallsaul ...
2 days ago ˇ And that was pretty much all they said. They said, “You're going to really like it. We've cracked something that we're going to hinge the whole season on, ...
2 days ago ˇ Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7 is the midseason finale and we are not ... However, something we are looking forward to, is seeing Bryan Cranston and ...