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Learn to pronounce awk·ward

  1. causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.
    "some awkward questions"
    synonyms: difficult, tricky, fiddly, cumbersome, unwieldy, unhandy, a devil, a bastard, cumbrous, lumbersome, inconvenient, inappropriate, inopportune, unfortunate, unseasonable, a bugger
  2. causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience.
    "you have put me in a very awkward position"
    synonyms: embarrassing, uncomfortable, unpleasant, delicate, ticklish, tricky, sensitive, problematic, problematical, troublesome, perplexing, thorny, vexatious, humiliating, compromising, sticky, dicey, hairy, cringeworthy, cringe-making, dodgy, gnarly, embarrassed, self-conscious, ill at ease, uneasy, tense, nervous, edgy, unrelaxed, strained, unquiet
  3. not smooth or graceful; ungainly.
    "Luther's awkward movements impeded his progress"
    synonyms: clumsy, ungainly, uncoordinated, maladroit, graceless, ungraceful, inept, inelegant, unskillful, unhandy, all thumbs, gauche, gawky, gangling, blundering, lumbering, cloddish, wooden, stiff, coltish, all fingers and thumbs, clodhopping, ham-fisted, ham-handed, with two left feet, cack-handed, lubberly

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7 days ago · The awkward case of 'his or her'. Word Games. three bears two of them look like theyre whispering to a third bear who looks chuffed ...
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4 days ago · Adjektive. critical [ more critical ; most critical ] {Relig.} حَرج {دين}. embarrassed {feelings & emotions}. حَرِج · embarrassing {feelings & emotions}.
However, like its english translation it sounds awkward. The proper way to say this would be "je parle un petit peu francais" or "I speak a little french".