Annie Marks

Fictional character
Played by: Mae Whitman
TV show: Good Girls
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Do Annie and Noah stay together?
It is later revealed that he is an undercover agent for the F.B.I assigned to become intimate with Annie to uncover secrets. However, he ended up truly falling in love with her and her son Ben and so he is still dating her despite her being aware of her criminal activities.
Does Annie end up with Greg?
While still in high school, Gregg has been in a relationship with Annie. She later becomes pregnant and the young couple get married but eventually divorce, sharing custody of their child.
What has Annie marks been in?
Whitman's lengthy film resume includes "When a Man Loves a Woman," starring Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia; "Bye Bye Love," with Randy Quaid, Paul Reiser and Amy Brenneman; "Independence Day," starring Will Smith; "One Fine Day," starring George Clooney; "Hope Floats," starring Sandra Bullock, Gena Rowlands and Harry Connick ...
Does Ruby's daughter die?
Their daughter died in an accident and her organs were donated to Sara, so she decided to try to do some good and get karma points back for her family that was in a rut. Sadly, the young girl didn't realize the financial burden it would bring her parents, who were guilted into taking care of the couple for a bit.
Feb 18, 2021 · As the youngest and least responsible member of the group, Whitman's Annie Marks is a young, struggling single mother works a dead end job to ...
Mae Whitman plays Annie Marks on the new NBC drama "Good Girls." ... She's also had a recurring role on the Emmy Award-winning comedy "Arrested Development."
Annie Marks has twenty years of consulting experience in the areas of organizational development, change management, learning and development and executive ...
Annie Marks. With over 20 years of consulting and advising leaders and their organizations, Annie has developed a specialty in working with the human ...
Annie Marks. Organizational Development Consulting and Advising. A Marks AdvisoryColumbia University. New York, New York, United States ...
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Aug 24, 2020 · Annie Marks - played by Mae Whitman - is a savage. A hilarious, unfiltered, savage. Here are ...Duration: 7:23
Posted: Aug 24, 2020
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